Who is Vivienne Black?

I am always asked how and why I am in the adult industry?

I thought rather than disclose all the whiz-bang trick and treats you can experience with me during our date, I would share myself on a deeper and more personal level so you can get to know me.

I started escorting about nine years ago in Sydney while I was at university and struggling to take care of myself financially.

Although my reasons for starting to work are not great, being my reasons were to survive.

My reasons for staying in this industry are.


I Love My Job

I love meeting my clients and learning about you.

What makes you feel sexy?

What makes you feel safe to be intimate with someone?

What are your fears and how can I be a part of your journey, that takes those insecurities and turns them into a significant and magnificent facet of your life that you are proud to have?

As well as guiding you through a sexual awakening on your journey, I am also still discovering parts of me in mine. This job is a kaleidoscope of experiences that are constantly changing how I view the world.

I like to keep you on the tips of your toes, and it would appear you want to keep me on mine too.

My First Time

As I am writing this I am remembering that nervous sensation in the pit of my stomach the first ever booking I did, now long ago.

I adore that feeling of exhilaration.

I still often get it when I meet new lovers for the first time.

My first ever booking I was a bumbling horny mess of nerves and excitement.

I had never been with a man older than me at that point, and I was so incredibly keen to find out what a man could do to my body rather than a boy dressed as one, the difference was phenomenal.

Since that night my entire life has changed. I have taken pathways and ceased opportunities I would never have dreamed possible before.

From flying first class abroad, holidays in Europe, learning violin and gracing covers of magazines.

Since that night I have never looked back.


My Experience

I have spent the majority of my 20’s having sex.

The majority of me learning how to have sex has been through working and from all the lovely patrons I am so lucky to know.

It is because of this I can confirm that the services I offer are those I enjoy doing, and there is a lot of them to be had.

I still see a handful of the first clients I ever had, that’s a rather long time to grow with someone as your client.

I am truly blessed to know these women and men and am so thankful to have been invited into their lives.

Escorting is not just an occupation for me, it’s a complete and fulfilling lifestyle.

On occasions, I have allowed this job to rule too much of my world, and that is something I am trying to control so I can maintain a balance.

When my life is balanced, I am at my best. It is for this reason why some changes are being to my rates and services, and why I have introduced the VBE with increased escort rates.


What’s Next?

As much as I love my job, just like you with yours, I don’t want to spend all of my time involved in it. There are so many other opportunities and experiences I now want to make time for. 

For me these include mentoring, study and my family.

I studied science and arts at university and technically am a Geo-archaeologist by trade.

As much as I loved learning about the research involved in these careers, I did not like working in the field.

After a brief stint working in Iceland, I returned home and jumped straight back into escorting a few years ago as Vivienne.

I guess you can describe me as the escort entrepreneur.

I have a passion for fashion and am opening my online boutique called Sugar Shaker soon.

Sugar Shaker does not yet stock my line, but I am hoping that next year it will.

This new business accompanies my design and business consultancy called Sin By Design.

Both of these businesses are directly involved with and dedicated to promoting change for sex workers.

Also, educating others of the imperative need to reduce the stigma associated with our work.

Sydney Escort and Melbourne Escort

Vivienne Black is both a Sydney Escort and a Melbourne Escort now.

If I had to pick the winner of the best city in Australia, It would be Sydney! Sorry Melbourne.

Having moved to Melbourne for personal reasons less than six months ago, I can attest that winter here is brutal and unkind.

Let’s see what the next six months here can bring my way with the sunshine.

I dearly miss my friends, the beach and cocktail hangouts. Sydney, I will be back next year.

I am always travelling between Sydney and Melbourne on a weekly basis.

If you would like to see where in the world I am so you can arrange your booking, go to my travel calendar here.

So there you have it, me in a nutshell for the moment at least. I do hope I have the opportunity to meet you and get to learn something about you too.

Vivienne Black x

UPDATE: Vivienne Black has relocated to Sydney and will no longer be available weekly in Melbourne