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Hosted by Brisbane’s Erotic Massage Therapist, Arianna Gold.

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It is such an honour to be invited and take part in this brand new and revealing escort podcast guest interview.

This is the first podcast interview that asks me some nitty-gritty questions about how and why I choose to work as a private escort in Sydney.

We discuss my personal journey in the Australian sex work industry from the very beginning.

I share my completely failed attempt as a stripper for one night at Bada Bing night club in Sydney’s debaucherous Kings Cross.

How I started working for a manipulative and dangerous escort agency in Sydney and why I left to find safer employment..

The years I spent juggling university and working at the infamous Sydney bordello Stiletto’s.

I openly confide in Arianna with some personal stories of adversity I faced due to my work in the adult industry and the bigger future plans for my escort mentoring business Sin By Design.

I describe why external social pressures and how my personal encounters with the stigma sex workers face, have been my motivation in creating a company to promote new opportunities for my peers.

You can hear my honest and deeply personal feelings about coming out to my family as a sex worker, and how doing this has improved my relationship with them.

Outing myself to those around me has also improved my relationship with myself.

I give advice and my scowling opinion regarding peer to peer bullying and online trolling on social media.

All this and more as you listen and soak up my infamous giggle to brighten your day!

If you have ever wanted to know my personal journey behind the Vivienne Black brand, then you will want to listen to this escort podcast interview.

Vivienne Black x